Are Longer Chess Games Better for Improving?


Anybody that is struggling getting better should switch to classical games immediately. #chessgame #chessman #Chess #chesstok

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Shorter vs Longer Games?

Bullet and Blitz chess games are exciting, fast-paced, and fun all around. But differentiating training and having fun is important. Having more time on the chess clock teaches new skills about chess. For example, it forces the brain to calculate difficult positions. It teaches how to be patient on the chess board during the opponent’s move. Plus, the mistakes made during a rapid or classical game are better to learn from. What do I mean when saying better to can learn from?

Well, Faster time controls are about intuition, muscle memory, and finishing the opponent immediately. Since the time is quicker, going through the process of looking at the opponent’s threats, looking for forcing moves, calculating different candidates’ moves, and double-checking the variations calculated is almost non-existent. Learning bad habits, especially as a beginner, will hinder chess improvement completely.

As you become a stronger chessplayer, accuracy and precision are important. Even looking at the difference between grandmasters and elite grandmasters is clearly seen. So, how much more should it be a priority to us?

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